February 17

Battle Of Germantown

The battle was on Saturday, October 4, 1777 and took place in Germantown, Pennsylvania. It was 34 degrees, and cloudy outside. The British was lead by Sir William Howe. The Americans were lead by George Washington. The British forces were divided, so Washington saw a opportunity to attack. They attacked the British garrison in Germantown at the last effort before winter. Washington hoped to surprise the British just like the Battle of Trenton. However, Howe left 3,462 men to defend the British garrison and sent 9,728 men to Germantown, 5 miles north, determined to locate and destroy the American forces. The Americans fought  very good, but the British fought better and ended up winning. 152 Americans were killed, 521 Americans were wounded, and 438 Americans were captured. 71 British were killed, 444 British were wounded, and 0 British were captured.

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Photo Credit:https://reinsteinrevolutionper8.wikispaces.com/Battle+of+Germantown

February 6

Paul Revere

He Was A Member Of The Sons Of Liberty

Sent To Warn The Massachusetts Provincial Congress

Didn’t Sign The Declaration Of Independence

Was A Patriot

Paul Revere

Very Brave Man

Part Of The Midnight Ride

Broke Out In Lexington To Warn Others

Warned The Colonists By Shouting “The British Are Coming”

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Photo Credit:http://history.howstuffworks.com/history-vs-myth/did-paul-revere-really-yell-british-are-coming.htm

January 6


2017 is going to be a great year!! I am going to make a bunch of progress in all of my sports. I am also going to exercise more, and eat healthier. I hope to get all A’s in school. I am going to increase my vocabulary by reading harder books. I am going to help more around the house, and what I mean by that is if the floors need to be sweep I am going to sweep. I’m going to be more responsibly and more respectful. I hope to increase my academic skills meagerly. I hope I inspired you set goals for 2017!! Have a great year!!!

December 8

Rememberance Day

December 7, 1941 was a very sad day. Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii. It was Sunday morning and the time was 8:oo. There was cargo planes coming to Pearl Harbor, so when the staff looked at the radar and the was a green dots there they did not thing much of it. Then Japan attacked. They sent planes that bombed from air and submarines that blasted the Pearl Harbor from the water

This is a live photo from the scene

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The bombing lasted for 2 hours. After that we came back better than ever, and got involved with World War 2. We had dropped the first 2  nuclear bombs ever on Japan. We even ended up winning World War 2. There is a memorial for everyone who had died. The memorial was located on the ship called the U.S.S Arizona.

U.S.S Arizona

U.S.S Arizona Memorial 

Photo Credit: .publicdomainpictures.net


December 5

Christmas Couplet

We are writing couplets that are going to make a book for the Pre-K and here is one of mine.

M is for Mistletoe that people stand under

but only if they love each other.  kissing-under-the-mistletoe

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November 8

The Kid Who Ran for President Book Review

The Kid Who Ran for President was a amazing book. The books about a 12 old kid who ran for president. His name was Judson Moon. Judson had a friend over named Lane. Lane told him he should run for president. Judson thought he was joking, but he wasn’t. Judson made a third party called the lemonade party. He ran in to a problem he had to raise 20 million dollars. Kids from everywhere sent him money. Judson made money by a lemonade stand. After, the lemonade stand he went viral. He was all over the TV. Judson had his first speech at a assembly that his school held. he said if he won he would take away homework. Election day was getting closer and closer, but the Constitution got in the way. People thought he should be eligible so the Constitution was changed. He was getting tired of running, but he had to run cause they changed the Constitution for him. he got invited to a debate. Judson was scared, but he knew he could destroy his change of winning if he made a goof of his self. So he did. Then finally it was election day. He was ahead of President White, but not at 270. Every state was in but California. If White got it the chose would go to the government. California’s votes where in and the person who got it was… You will have to read the book to find it.


The reason I love this book is it keeps you on your toes, and you never know whats going to happen next. The book has 26 chapters. I hope you liked this blog post and go and read the book yourself.