May 24

My Fifth Grade Year

This year was amazing. I could not of asked for better teachers. I learned a bunch of math, history, reading, science, and language arts, but most importantly I learned a bunch of life lessons. One of the most important thing I learned was to be respectful all the time. I also made a bunch of new friends and got closer to a bunch of my best friends. This year was very fun. I walked threw all the mountains, valleys, and hills with my head held high.

May 5

Dear Mrs. Larue Letters from Obedience School

Dear Ike,

I do thank you for saving my life, but I do not like you trying to make me feel sorry for you. I am sending you straight back to obedience school, and I will make sure you do not escape again. I have seen pictures of the school, and it is at all what you said it was. You will be staying there for 3 months. If you still don’t listen. I will send you right back to obedience school. Do you understand me? You are on my last nerve. You are on very thin ice. You have no more chances. Do I make myself clear?

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mrs. Larue

April 10

Triangle Terror

Young children worked in factory’s, and and the doors we locked. It was like a prison. If kids were sick or hurt and still had to come to work or they were fired. One day, a machine overheated, and it caused a fire. The kids could not get out because all the doors were locked. People jumped out of windows or just burned. 146 people died out of 500 people. That is so sad. I would hate to have to work each and every day and none of the other workers cared about me.

March 21

War Of 1812- Acrostic Poem

W- War Of 1812 was between the United States and the       United Kingdom

A- A few weeks after the Battle of Lake Erie William Henry Harrison led the U.S forces as they defeated a large Native American force

R-  Robert Jenkinson led United Kingdom along with Prince Regent


O- On September 19, 1813 the United States won the Battle of Erie

F- First thing the U.S. was attack the British colony in Canada


1- 1 of the final major battle was the Battle of New Orleans

8- 8,000 people were in the U.S. army

1- 1 of the battles was the Battle of Baltimore

2- 2 and a half years the war went on 

February 17

Battle Of Germantown

The battle was on Saturday, October 4, 1777 and took place in Germantown, Pennsylvania. It was 34 degrees, and cloudy outside. The British was lead by Sir William Howe. The Americans were lead by George Washington. The British forces were divided, so Washington saw a opportunity to attack. They attacked the British garrison in Germantown at the last effort before winter. Washington hoped to surprise the British just like the Battle of Trenton. However, Howe left 3,462 men to defend the British garrison and sent 9,728 men to Germantown, 5 miles north, determined to locate and destroy the American forces. The Americans fought  very good, but the British fought better and ended up winning. 152 Americans were killed, 521 Americans were wounded, and 438 Americans were captured. 71 British were killed, 444 British were wounded, and 0 British were captured.

Image result for battle of germantown map

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