February 17

Battle Of Germantown

The battle was on Saturday, October 4, 1777 and took place in Germantown, Pennsylvania. It was 34 degrees, and cloudy outside. The British was lead by Sir William Howe. The Americans were lead by George Washington. The British forces were divided, so Washington saw a opportunity to attack. They attacked the British garrison in Germantown at the last effort before winter. Washington hoped to surprise the British just like the Battle of Trenton. However, Howe left 3,462 men to defend the British garrison and sent 9,728 men to Germantown, 5 miles north, determined to locate and destroy the American forces. The Americans fought  very good, but the British fought better and ended up winning. 152 Americans were killed, 521 Americans were wounded, and 438 Americans were captured. 71 British were killed, 444 British were wounded, and 0 British were captured.

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Photo Credit:https://reinsteinrevolutionper8.wikispaces.com/Battle+of+Germantown

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